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Prayer Table and Prayer Corner Instruction Sheet

Prayer Table and Prayer Corner

Everyday an Orthodox Christian prays, especially in the morning and in the evening.  In addition, every Orthodox Christian home has a prayer table set up in a prayer corner in their home.  To help you get started we have put together a basic prayer bag with resources that will help you to set up a prayer table and prayer corner.

Materials for a prayer table and prayer corner:

  1. Prayer Book
  2. Cross
  3. Icons (you may want to glue the paper ones provided onto a piece of cardboard or foam core or frame them).
  4. Candle (candle stand not provided)
  5. Prayer bracelet (assembly required)
  6. Bible (not provided)
  7. Small table or shelf (not provided)


Find a place in your child's room or in your home to set up your prayer table/corner.  Place the shelf or table up against the wall or into a corner.  (Traditionally prayer corners face east to greet the rising sun).  On the wall place the cross in the center and the icons on either side.  Christ should be on the right of the cross and Mary on the left of the cross, other saints may be placed around these two central icons.  On the table place the candle on a candle stand, the prayer book and bible in the center and the prayer bracelet.  You may also wish to decorate your prayer corner with flowers, a pretty table cloth, etc.