Age Group Lessons

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This lesson is taken from part I of "Hymns." It is intended for younger children so they may participate more fully during Divine Liturgy.
Children learn how to carefully handle, display, and venerate icons from this lesson. In order to be able to venerate an icon, children must also know how to make the Sign of the Cross, which is a...
Jesus initiates a covenant relationship with each person, and we are called to respond...
This lesson is meant to follow the Parable of the Good Shepherd. It demonstrates the Good Shepherd looking for and finding His lost sheep.
"The Kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed." Meant for children ages 3+, this lesson aims to begin teaching about the infinite power of God, seen through a tiny mustard seed...
Young children are introduced to the Feast of Pentecost.
This instructive lesson will teach young students on how to set up their own prayer table and how to pray, including the Jesus Prayer.
Within this lesson, children will learn how to appropriately make the sign of the cross. It offers the opportunity for each child to have one-on-one instruction with their teachers.