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Age 13 - 15 years Lessons Age 16 - 18 years Lessons

Adoration of the Magi

Children will learn about the Magi following the star in order to bestow the special gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh...


Using Holy Scripture and traditions of the Orthodox Church, this lesson plan examines the elements of the narrative related to the Feast of the Nativity.

Altar I Introduction to the Altar Table

This lesson plan is designed to familiarize children with the altar table and the essential articles used in celebrating the Eucharist.

Altar II Jesus is Present in the Tabernacle and the Word

In this lesson aims to name and make accessible the essential articles of the altar table used in celebrating the Eucharist...

Annunciation to Mary

Appropriate for Advent and March 25, the lesson aims to bring the story of the Annunciation to life, and to ponder Mary's worthiness to be the bearer of God's Son...

Apologetics I: Explaining the Faith

This session discusses the Creed of Orthodox Christians and compares it with the creeds of other world religions.

Apologetics II: Explaining the Faith

In Session II, students become "myth-busters" through exercises in discussing common myths about Christianity and their faith.

Archangel Gabriel and Illumination

Aimed at a young audience, this lesson discusses the illuminations of the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary.

Ascending the Heights Devotions

These devotions are meant to take place following each of the sessions from Camp Emmanuel 2004, Ascending the Heights, Sessions 1 through 4.

Ascending the Heights Session I: Preparing to Ascend

The theme of Camp Emmanuel 2004 is Ascending Mount Everest. This first session discusses preparing to ascend the mountain and compares this to preparing to ascend in our spiritual lives.

Ascending the Heights Session II: The Climb

Continuing with the theme of Ascending Mount Everest, session 2, The Climb, focuses on the ascent in our spiritual journeys. This session includes trust-building activities.

Ascending the Heights Session III: The Summit

The third session, The Summit, discusses making it to the peak of Mount Everest and the idea that ascending to any peak in our spiritual lives requires great humility.

Ascending the Heights Session IV: Living in the Valley Below

The last session of the Mount Everest series was prepared by Fr. Anthony Savas. This session focuses on how to live after descending from the summit of Mount Everest but specifically in our...

Baptism I

Students explore their own baptism by discussing two of the Baptismal symbols: light and a white garment.

Baptism II

Baptism II continues the discussion of the gifts we receive at Baptism that were introduced in Baptism I. Prerequisites for this class are the Prophecy of Light, Liturgy of Light, and Baptism I.

Bible Bowl Challenge: 1 Timothy

A 40-question multiple choice quiz of the Epistle of 1 Timothy.

Bible Bowl Challenge: 2 Timothy

This Bible Bowl Challenge offers 20 multiple-choice questions covering 2 Timothy.

Bible Bowl Challenge: Gospel of Mark

Nearly 100 multiple choice questions based on the Gospel of Mark.

Bible Bowl Challenge: Titus

This Bible Bowl quiz consists of 15 multiple choice questions based on the Epistle of Titus.