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This session discusses the Creed of Orthodox Christians and compares it with the creeds of other world religions.
In Session II, students become "myth-busters" through exercises in discussing common myths about Christianity and their faith.
The theme of Camp Emmanuel 2004 is Ascending Mount Everest. This first session discusses preparing to ascend the mountain and compares this to preparing to ascend in our spiritual lives.
Continuing with the theme of Ascending Mount Everest, session 2, The Climb, focuses on the ascent in our spiritual journeys. This session includes trust-building activities.
The third session, The Summit, discusses making it to the peak of Mount Everest and the idea that ascending to any peak in our spiritual lives requires great humility.
The last session of the Mount Everest series was prepared by Fr. Anthony Savas. This session focuses on how to live after descending from the summit of Mount Everest but specifically in our...
These devotions are meant to take place following each of the sessions from Camp Emmanuel 2004, Ascending the Heights, Sessions 1 through 4.
The focus of these sessions includes defining morals and ethics and what those terms mean in the Orthodox Faith. These sessions are from Camp Emmanuel 2005.
The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus is discussed in defining what it means to decide for Christ. Using 1 Corinthians 13, the Street Wise session provides a useful idea in preparation for...
The devotions include ice breakers and bible verses for reflection and can be completed in any order. These are meant to accompany Contemporary Moral Issues, Media and Pop Culture, Deciding for...
These devotions are meant to accompany the sessions from Camp Emmanuel 2006: Temptation in the Media, Podcasting is Godcasting, Too Much of a Good Thing, and Senses.
This session introduces the concept of the environmental crisis and the irresponsible behaviors that have contributed.
During this session, students will learn how to create compost. Discussion includes the benefits and materials necessary to create their own.
Through the exercise of preparing prosphoro, students discuss the health of body, how food and the material impacts our spirit, what kinds of nourishment...
During this session the prosphoro is baked as students discuss the health of our souls and Christ as the Bread of Life and the Eucharist.
Two sessions on icons are provided here. The first introduces the beauty, diversity, and importance of our theological faith. The second session provides further discussion.
Media and Pop Culture discusses the many diversions of today's society that distract us from God and how we might discipline ourselves to overcome them. From Camp Emmanuel 2005.
From Camp Emmanuel 2008, this session discusses how the music we listen to impacts our hearts and minds. Lyrics of secular songs and hymns are discussed.
This session continues with how music impacts our souls by discussing the history, theory and skills of Byzantine chant. Students will learn to chant "Lord I Have Cried" in Tone 1.
In all circumstances of a Christian's life, there are opportunities to connect with God, including when we listen to our iPods. These 2006 Camp Emmanuel sessions discuss our choices in music...
These sessions discuss the actions of prayer and practical methods for developing a prayer life. Instructions for making a Kandili, prayer rope, and an icon corner are included.
Activities are provided to discuss temptation.
These sessions provide a group activity to learn about the lives of saints and discusses the idea that we are called to be saints.
This session uses a variety of activities and discussion to demonstrate that we use our senses in our spiritual growth, yet they can hinder our growth if we are not aware...
These sessions focus on the importance of serving our neighbors as one way to join Christ in the Kingdom of Heaven.
We are asked to live as Orthodox Christians in society; this lesson discusses temptations that attempt to prevent us from accomplishing this.
This session aims to demonstrate that material desires and goods often get in the way of growing in our spiritual journeys.


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