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Altar I Introduction to the Altar Table

This lesson plan is designed to familiarize children with the altar table and the essential articles used in celebrating the Eucharist.

Annunciation to Mary

Appropriate for Advent and March 25, the lesson aims to bring the story of the Annunciation to life, and to ponder Mary's worthiness to be the bearer of God's Son...

Archangel Gabriel and Illumination

Aimed at a young audience, this lesson discusses the illuminations of the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary.

Baptism I

Students explore their own baptism by discussing two of the Baptismal symbols: light and a white garment.

Baptism II

Baptism II continues the discussion of the gifts we receive at Baptism that were introduced in Baptism I. Prerequisites for this class are the Prophecy of Light, Liturgy of Light, and Baptism I.

Celebrate the Season Christmas Program

Celebrate the Season is a children's Christmas program to include the participation of younger ages.

Church Architecture

This lesson is divided into three weeks; it discusses the architecture and design of the church, focusing on the Narthex, Nave, Solea, Iconostasis, Sanctuary and the Altar table.

Consecration Series 1: Relics (younger)

For ages 4 to 10 years. We honor the relics of a Saint because they are truly a part of the Saint, and God’s grace continues to dwell within them.

Consecration Series 2: The Service of Consecration (younger)

For ages 4-10 years, this lesson explains the mechanics and meaning of the Service of Consecration, drawing parallels to the service of Baptism and Chrismation.

Dormition of the Theotokos

Before she departs, the All-Holy Theotokos greets the Holy Apostles and the people, promising that “whichever soul is to call her name will not be put to shame, but will find mercy and consolation...

Empty Tomb

A prerequisite for this lesson is the Liturgy of Light. Meant to be presented shortly after Pascha, the lesson focuses on Mark 16:1-7, in which the women come upon the empty tomb...

Enactment of the Last Supper

This lesson offers an opportunity for children to act out the events of the Last Supper from Luke 22:1-20. Children and teachers should be prepared several weeks ahead of time.


This youth lesson briefly explains Christ's Epiphany and the significance of this event through traditions maintained today.

Eucharistic Presence of the Good Shepherd

The children will learn that the Good Shepherd, Christ, is present in the Eucharist and at the Altar Table. The special role of the priest is also discussed.

Geography of Israel

Children will learn about three cities of Jesus' life within Israel during this lesson. A map is included.

Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal

This lesson is taken from part I of "Hymns." It is intended for younger children so they may participate more fully during Divine Liturgy.

Introduction to Icons

Children learn how to carefully handle, display, and venerate icons from this lesson. In order to be able to venerate an icon, children must also know how to make the Sign of the Cross, which is a...

Introduction to the Bible

This is a detailed lesson plan to introduce the Bible and its importance to children.

Liturgy of Light

This lesson prepares children for the Resurrection Vigil by reciting prayers and singing hymns from the Liturgy of Light. It can be introduced weeks ahead of time to allow time to practice. This is...

Mystery of Life and Death

From John 12:24, this lesson explores the mystery of life and death through use of wheat.
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