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The Christian Life Series begins with discussing the fall of Man and the idea that something has been lost.
The theme of the second lesson of the Christian Life series is humility, and it is discussed as an antidote to pride. The Beginning is a prerequisite for this class.
We recognize that we sin, we identify these sins, and we begin the battle of overcoming them. The Beginning and Humility are both prerequisites
This lesson presents the Jesus Prayer, confession, repentance, and gratitude as tools in overcoming sin. The Beginning, Humility, and The Struggle are prerequisites for this class.
This lesson discusses self-accusation as a way of weaving our wedding garment and the virtues as a tool against unseen warfare. For every temptation we must recognize an opportunity to decide for...
Faith I begins with turning our whole life to God. Incorrect ideas of faith are discussed.
Once man realizes that he must risk everything, he enters into the second level of faith: hope against hope. By being steadfast in this faith, we enter into the third level of faith, the faith of...


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Camp Emmanuel 

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The Christian Life 


The Great Feasts 

I AM (Leader Edition)  

I AM (Participant Edition)  

Introduction to Orthodoxy  

Parables Bible Study  

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