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Psalm 23

Title: Psalm 23

Age: 3 to 7 years

Subject: The Good Shepherd

Doctrinal Content: This is a prayer about the Good Shepherd by King David long before Jesus lived. The Lord is personal shepherd, and His care is complete.

Direct Aim: This lesson aims to offer a greater understanding of the role of the Good Shepherd and a way of responding to Him in prayer.

Indirect Aims: This lesson also aims to make Psalms accessible and to lay groundwork for further presentation on the Psalm 23.

Materials for the Lesson:
A prayer table with its articles, including a statue of Good Shepherd, a book of matches, candles, snuffer, etc.; a prayer card with verse 1 of the Psalm and a stand

The Lesson Plan:
Invite children to the prayer table. Begin the presentation by discussing Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Ask the children what they remember about shepherd. Introduce Psalms by saying, "There was a man, a king. His name was King David. He wrote a song called Psalms. There is one about the Good shepherd."

Review the preparation for reading from Bible, by saying, "These words are from Bible. I am going to light a candle." Light a candle and dim the light. (If you are not already on the floor with children,) Sit with children and get ready by sitting up straight. Place the prayer card on the stand and read, "Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want."

Discussion Questions:
We know about the shepherd. Who is the Lord?
What does the Lord do?
Do we have everything we want all the time?
What would we want to say to Jesus in our hearts or with our voices?
Offer children that King David is full of joy that the Lord is his shepherd.

Read and meditate on the words
Art response
Trace or write the words

Notice: This lesson plan utilizes training and the general philosophy/method of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program. Materials found in this document, however, have been created specifically to incorporate the theology and dogmatic teaching of the Orthodox Church. The author of this lesson offers special recognition to Mrs. JoAnne Padget, CGS Instructor, who provided instruction and guidance in the CGS method. The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program requires intensive study and strongly recommends that teachers using their program enroll in and complete coursework through an authorized CGS instructor. More information about CGS is available at