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Celebrate the Season Christmas Program

Title:  Celebrate the Season

Age:  5+ years

Liturgical Time:  Advent

Subject:  Nativity of Jesus Christ

Doctrinal Content:  Luke 1:26 - 1:56, Luke 2.1 - 2:30

Direct Aims:  This pageant aims to consider the true story of the Incarnation, the meaning of Christmas.

MUSIC:  Christ Is Born Glorify Him!
Music Interlude, lights go dim

Narrator (s): This season, let us reflect upon the true meaning of Christmas within our hearts.  The little child in a simple manger, on a cold night, with patient, loving parents; a child who was to become the Savior of the World, our Savior.  Let the story told today remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. Let us remember the gift that God gave to us, His son Jesus!  Join us as we celebrate the season by telling of the story of the birth of Christ the Savior.

When God decided it was time to send His only Son to earth, He chose the virgin, Mary, to be the Mother of His Son.  God sent the Archangel Gabriel to announce this news to Mary.  Every March, we celebrate the Annunciation feast day and remember this blessed event that changed the world.


Archangel Gabriel:
Rejoice, Mary full of Grace, the Lord is with you:  Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus.

Narrator:  An older man named Joseph, who was pious and faithful to God, was chosen to be the guardian of the virgin, to protect her and the divine Child that was to be born of her.  Just before the time that Mary was to give birth, a soldier came to Nazareth from far-off Rome:

Soldier(s):  Today a decree is made! All people of this town must be counted.  Go now to the birthplace of your family and register to pay your tax.  This, an order from our King!

All Soldiers:  This, an order from our King!

Narrator:  So, Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem, the town which was the birthplace of their ancestor, King David.

Mary:  Joseph, we must find somewhere to stay. The baby is going to be born very soon.

Narrator:  When they arrived, the town was very crowded and all the places to stay were filled.

Mary and Joseph knock on the doors held by Innkeepers

Joseph:  "Can we stay here?"

Four Innkeepers & wives sing with Choir. "No Room!  No Room for the King of Bethlehem."

Joseph:  Please, my wife is with child and needs a place to lay her head.

Then Innkeeper walks Mary & Joseph to the stable where they gather around the Manger.

Innkeeper:  You may stay here if you like.

Narrator:  Indeed, God provided a small stable in a cave for them to rest.  It was there, in the quiet of the night, the Mary gave birth to a Son.  This little child was our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ.

MUSIC:   Silent Night

Five Little Candles:   (KINDERGARTEN CLASS)
Five Little candles burning so bright
(hold up five fingers, wiggle fingers)
The first one said "We make Great Light!"
(hold up one finger)    (arms up)
The Second one said, "The Child is born."
(hold up two fingers)        (rock baby)
The third one said "Our light will adorn."
(hold up three fingers)    (Arms out in front, palms up)
The fourth one said, "we shine for Him."
(hold up four finger)   (palms forward at sides of face, fingers spread)
The fifth one said, "let's not be dim."
(hold up five fingers)  (Cover pointer finger with other hand)
So they stood very tall and glowed very bright,
(stand tall)                               (arms up)
And the Christ child smiled that very night.
(smile, hands around face)

Narrator:  That same night, some shepherds were in a nearby field, looking after their sheep.  Suddenly, they saw a bright light and the Angel of the Lord appeared to them.

Angel I:  Fear not:  for behold, I bring you tiding of great joy.  Unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord."

Angel II:  You will find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.

Angel III:  Do not be afraid.

Angel IV:  For we bring you good news!

Angels:  Glory to God in the highest,
Angels:  On earth peace, good will toward men."  
Angel sings:   Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia

MUSIC:   Hark the Harold Angels Sing

Narrator: The shepherds hurried off to Bethlehem to find Mary and Joseph and the Christ Child.

Shepherd:  Let's go find the Child
Shepherd:  It's this way!
Shepherd:  Hurry, we must find the newborn King.

Shepherd Song: O Come Little Shepherd

Narrator: Far away in the east, there were three wise men. 

(Someone needs to bring microphone to middle of rooms for Kings)

King I:   I am Melchior, the King of Arabia,
King II:  I am Belthasar, the king of Ethiopia
King III:  I am Caspar, the king of Taursus.

Narrator:  They knew that someday a new star would rise to announce the birth of their heavenly king.    At last it appeared, a bright, glowing star they had never seen before.

(Turn on star) 

The three wisemen followed the star to Bethlehem to find where the Christ Child was born.

MUSIC:  We Three Kings

The three Wisemen come from the back of the hall slowly.  Every so often they look up and around following the star.  The three meet in the front of the stage and greet each other.  Then they approach the manger scene carrying their gifts.  Each one kneels separately, presents his gift, and then takes his place around the manger scene.

Narrator:  Seeing the young Child with His mother, they worshipped Him, and gave Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

MUSIC:  Choir:  "Wise men come...." O come let us adore him

First Grade Class:  Three Great Kings
Three great kings on a cold winter's night
(hold up three fingers)            (hug self, shivering)
Found the baby Jesus, guided by the light.
(rock arms)                              (point to the sky)
The first king said, "We've come so far."
(hold up one finger)      (Extend hands out in front)
The second king said, "We followed the star."
(hold up two fingers)     (point to the sky)
The third king said "Great gifts we bring."
(Hold up three fingers)  (extend hands out in front)
And together they said, "great praises we sing."
(hold up three fingers)   (Hands around mouth)
Then they knelt and they prayed and they bowed their heads
(Kneel)                    (hands in praying position)    (bow head)
As they worshipped baby Jesus in His manger bed.
(sit on heels, extend arms forward to floor, bow head)


Soon the news of the Savior's birth spread throughout the countryside, and then to all cities and towns.  The new message of peace, love, and goodwill flowed into all hearts.  This was the new light, the fresh fountain of hope that the Prophets had spoken of.  "Let every heart prepare Him room.  Let heaven and nature sing."  Please sing along with us...

Song:  Joy to the World