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Bible Bowl Challenge: 1 Timothy

Title: Epistles of Timothy Bible Bowl Challenge:  1 Timothy

Age: 11+ years

1.  Who is the author of the Epistle to Timothy?
A. St. Paul
B. St. Timothy
C. Timothy’s Mother

2.  Where did St. Paul urge Timothy to remain?
A. Turkey
B. Ephesus
C. Macedonia

3.  According to St. Paul, what do fables and endless genealogies cause?
A. Disputes
B. Godly edification
C. Faith

4. Now the purpose of the commandment is love from _____.
A. A pure heart, from a good conscience
B. Sincere faith
C. Both A and B

5. The law is not made for _____.
A. A righteous person
B. The lawless
C. Sinners

6.  What was committed to St. Paul’s trust?
A. The law
B. The Church canons
C. The glorious gospel of the blessed God

7.  St. Paul admitted to being _____ before God bestowed His mercy.
A. A blasphemer
B. A persecuter
C. Both A and B

8.  St.  Paul said to Timothy that the _____ of our Lord is abundant. 
A. Knowledge
B. Grace
C. Commandment

9.  Christ Jesus came into the world to save _____.
A. Sinners
B. No one
C. Himself

10. St. Paul urged Timothy to have _____.
A. Rest
B. Hope
C. Faith

11.  Intercessory prayers should be prayed for all men, including those _____.
A. Who are sad
B. Who are in authority
C. None of the above

12.  God desires all men _____.
A. To be saved
B. To come to the knowledge of the truth
C. All of the above

13. Who is the mediator between God and man?
A. St. Paul
B. Timothy
C. Jesus Christ

14.  St. Paul desired that the men _____ everywhere.
A. Pray
B. Heal
C. Live

15.  St. Paul desired that the women _____.
A. Dress modestly and properly
B. Adorn themselves with gold and pearls
C. None of the above

16.  When St. Paul referred to Adam and Eve, he said that Adam was deceived.
A. True
B. False

17.  If a man desires to be bishop, he desires _____.
A. Power
B. A Good Work
C. Both A and B

18: A bishop must be _____.
A. Of good behavior
B. Greedy
C. Prideful

19: Deacons must be _____.
A. Judgmental
B. Untested
C. Reverent

20. St. Paul wrote the letter to Timothy _____.
A. Because they were pen pals
B. So that Timothy would know how to conduct himself in God’s house
C. To update him on the other apostles accomplishments

21. The Holy Spirit warned that in latter times, people will be deceived by spirits and doctrine of demons.
A. True
B. False

22.  Every creature of God is _____.
A. Incorruptible
B. Indestructible
C. Good

23.  St. Paul urged Timothy to _____ old wives’ fables.
A. Enjoy
B. Share
C. Reject

24. Timothy was encouraged to exercise _____.
A. Daily
B. Toward godliness
C. Cautiously

25.  Godliness promises of the life _____.
A. That is now
B. That is to come
C. Both A and B

26.  Timothy is an example to believers, including conduct, love, and _____.
A. Faith and spirit
B. Prideful knowledge
C. None of the above

27. When St. Paul mentions the gift given to him by the “laying on of the hands of the eldership,” he is referring to _____.
A. Elders healed Timothy
B. Timothy’s ordination
C. Both A and B

28. We are to look at others as _____.
A. Mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers
B. Older and younger
C. Strangers

29.  To be “really a widow” means the widow has no family and is alone.
A. True
B. False

30.  What is the role of a widow in the Church?
A. To trust in God
B. To continue in supplications and prayers night and day
C. All of the above

31.  Widows were called to houses strangers, offer relief to the afflicted, and diligently follow every good work.
A. True
B. False

32.  Why were younger widows refused from serving in ministry?
A. They may eventually want to marry.
B. They may become idle and gossip.
C. Both A and B

33.  How many witnesses did Paul prescribe for bringing accusations against an elder?
A. None
B. One
C. Two or three

34. Bondservants are to see their masters worthy of all _____.
A. Wealth
B. Honor
C. Glory

35.  From what do envy, strife, and evil suspicions come?
A. Pride without knowledge
B. Arguments over words
C. Both A and B

36.  Godliness with contentment is of no gain.
A. True
B. False

37.  Which does not belong?  “And having ____ and _____, with these we shall be content.”
A. Riches
B. Food
C. Clothing

38.  Which does not belong?  “Rather than pursuing greed and sorrow, we should pursue _____.”
A. Righteousness, faith and love
B. Godliness, patience and gentleness
C. Wealth and privilege

39. Command those who are rich in this present age not to _____ uncertain riches.
A. Trust in
B. Despise
C. Enjoy

40. Rather than material wealth, we should seek richness in good works to set a foundation for _____.
A. Charity
B. Eternal life
C. Brotherhood