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Apologetics II: Explaining the Faith

Using a myth-busters type of approach, campers will examine common stereotypes of Christian beliefs and get to the bottom of the myth, discovering the truth, and applying it to their lives.

Each participant should already have their own Apologetics Packet; it contains the Mythbuster activity. You should also have a copy of the Mythbusters Activity Group Leader Guide.

In small groups: introduction (5 minutes)
Small group activity: Mythbusters (20 minutes)
Small group presentation/discussion (20 minutes)
Sum Up and Challenge (5 minutes)

Begin with a prayer, and then commence the session with, "Hey guys! Before we get started with our activity, can anyone shout out some stereotypes of Christianity that exist in our society?" Have campers shout out myths or stereotypes of which they are aware, such as "Christians are narrow-minded;" Christianity is hypocritical; etc.

Here are some common conceptions of Christianity in our society today. These are ideas that are reinforced by celebrities or the media but that aren't necessarily true. In order to get to the bottom of these stereotypes, we're going to take a look at the original documents. So, for each perception/conception/stereotype, we'll go through the reasoning behind each stereotype, and then we'll take a look at biblical or historical documents to get to the truth of what Christianity actually believes. We're going to take these ‘myths' and ‘bust' them open!

Small Groups: Myth-busters
All the campers should go to their respective small groups. Then, after each small group has gathered, those groups should each divide up into 4 smaller sub-groups. Each of those small groups should contain at least 2 people, and each group will receive a particular myth about Christianity that they will need to "bust." Discussion group leaders must direct campers to resources in the Apologetics Packet that will help them get to the truth about Christian beliefs.

Small Group Presentations
All the small groups should assemble back together to present briefly what they have learned to the rest of the campers. Each group should have elected a spokesperson who will clearly articulate what their myth was, as well as what the group "busted." Allow 2-3 minutes per group.

To Sum Up and Challenge
Today we've seen some common stereotypes or myths of what Christians believe. These stereotypes are perpetuated both by our society, media, etc., as well as the behavior of certain groups of Christians. However, we've looked into Scripture and other basic Christian documents to find out the truth of our beliefs.

It is up to all of us to live the truth of our faith, to actually be myth-busters in our own lives. As Orthodox Christians, we strive to become godly people. Along the way, we hopefully learn not be judgmental and narrow-minded while still affirming and believing wholeheartedly the truth of our Christian faith.

I challenge all of us to live our faith: to live out the truths we have learned today, so that when people see us and our lives, they will not be confused about what a Christian really is.

Close with a prayer.

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