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Bible Bowl Challenge: Titus

Title: Epistle of Titus Bible Bowl Challenge

Age: 11+ years

1.  The author of the epistle to Titus is _____.
A. Titus the Apostle
B. St. Paul
C. St. Timothy

2. God manifested His word through _____.
A. Scribes
B. Preaching
C. The internet

3.  Why did St. Paul leave Titus in Crete?
A. To set things in order
B. To appoint elders
C. Both A and B

4.  A bishop must be _____.
A.  Blameless and holy
B. Self-willed
C. Greedy and quick-tempered

5.  If a bishop holds fast the faithful word as he is taught, he may be able to exhort and convict those who disagree.
A. True
B. False

6.  Why should liars be sharply rebuked?
A. So they will stop lying
B. So they may be sound in the faith
C. To publicly shame them.

7.  Deceivers profess to know God, but in _____ they deny Him through disobedience.
A. Reality
B. Works
C. None of the above

8.  Which of these is not proper for sound doctrine?
A. Sound in faith, love and patience
B. Teach good things
C. Disobedience

9.  Servants who are obedient to their masters is an example of proper behavior.
A. True
B. False

10.  As Christians, we live soberly, righteously, and godly because _____.
A. We look for hope and appearing of Jesus Christ.
B. We look for the hope that God will redeem us from lawless deeds.
C.  Both A and B

11.  St. Paul urged Titus to remind us to speak evil of _____.
A. No one
B. Evildoers
C. Only those who deserve it

12.  God saves sinners, by His mercy, through _____.
A. Baptism
B. Chrismation
C. Both A and B

13.  Those who believe in God should be careful to maintain _____.
A. Cleanliness
B. Good works
C. Their health

14.  We should avoid foolish disputes because they are _____.
A. Profitable
B. Dangerous
C. Unprofitable and useless

15.  If we maintain good works and meet urgent needs, we are more _____.
A. Fruitful
B. Righteous
C. Boastful