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Let's Talk Teen Activity

Title:  Let’s Talk

Subject:  Teen Spiritual, Social, and Family Discussion Topics

Age:  13+ years

Direct Aim:  This activity aims to engage teenagers in interactive discussions about pertinent and important issues.

Materials for the Lesson:
Baggies filled with as many red and green squares as there questions, 1 bag per participant
Prepared questions cut into strips (click here or see below)

Let’s Talk
When teaching a teen class, sometimes the most powerful lessons are interactive and get kids thinking and talking about important issues.  With this lesson, “Let’s Talk” Hand out a baggie filled with red and green squares (cut out of card stock) to each teen.

Red = I Disagree
Green = I Agree

Cut out the questions and place them throughout the room with a cup beside each question.  As music plays, ask kids to walk around and drop a red or green square in each cup.  If they agree with this statement, place a green square; if they disagree, place a red square.

After kids get a chance to place their squares in the cups, collect all the answers and place the question inside. Hand the cups out to each of the teens present.  Than ask each teen to read the statement aloud and share the results of Red and Green squares.  Invite them to share anything they want about the statements.  Open up conversations about each subject (Peer pressure, parent relationships, faith, school, internal and external struggles).

Included are several statements for you to print and cut out.  Add additional questions as needed or based on events your teens are facing.

Discussion Questions:
I feel overwhelmed by the pressures at school.
I feel my parents understand me.
I read the bible on a regular basis.
I feel I need to spend a lot of money on brand name / expensive clothes.
I don’t communicate very well with my parents.
I have visited an Orthodox monastery.
I pray before meals, even at school.
I have at least one other adult in my life that I can go to if I have a problem.
I’m interested in learning more about sex.
I feel most of the time, I make good decisions and I am a good Christian example to my friends.
I’ve been exposed to pornography.
I don’t care if I get caught doing something wrong.  I could care less what anyone thinks.
It’s easy for me to make friends.
I’m comfortable talking to my friends about  my Orthodox Christian Faith and what I believe.
I’m not sure I believe in God.
I’ve been bullied or know others who have been at school.
I feel self-confident in most situations.
I feel that I will be able to stand up to peer pressure when it comes to drugs and alcohol.
I have one good friend that I can talk to.
Someone close to me has struggled with depression
It’s way better to get drunk than smoke marijuana.
I hate zits.
I want to learn more about confession.
My parents are totally out of touch with reality.
I feel I can talk to my priest when something is bothering me.
I work hard to get good grades.
I’m interested in talking about dating relationships.
I’m shy and have a hard time expressing myself.
My relationship with God is important to me.
I feel comfortable going to confession.
My family takes fasting seriously.
My parents serve as good examples of the Christian faith.
I am close with my Godparent(s).
My body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.  I should take good care of it!
I know about my patron saint.
I never go anywhere without my cell phone.
I love to play video games and know that I can waste a lot of time in front of a computer / TV screen.  


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