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Prophecy of the Star and Scepter

Title: Prophecy of the Star and Scepter

Subject: Incarnation (Prophecies of Advent)

Age: 6 to 10 years

Liturgical Time: During Advent

Doctrinal Content: We proclaim that Jesus from human birth will be a great ruler, evidenced by the star and scepter.

Direct Aim: This lesson aims to proclaim God's word that even before His birth, Jesus will be a great ruler and to prepare for Christmas.

Indirect Aim: Indirect aims of this lesson include introducing the Messianic quality/aspect and expectation of the Jewish and Christian faiths; to introduce the idea that God has a plan; to grow in the knowledge of the incarnation and the human nature of Jesus.

Sources: The Book of Numbers 24:17

Description of Materials:
Candle, Matches, Snuffer
Prayer card with words from Numbers 24:17

The Lesson Plan:
Gather and settled the students. Begin with, "I have some words from the Holy Bible to share with you today. This prophecy is about the star that will shine when the Messiah is born."

Light the candle and solemnly read the scripture; before reading it a second time, say, "Let's think about these words. We know this reading is talking about Jesus. What do we already know about these words: ‘star and Magi'?" Now read the passage again, and you may review story of Jesus' birth in Luke as time allows.

Continue with, "God is telling us about the star that the Magi will follow to find Jesus. This prophecy also mentions a scepter that will rise from Israel; the land in which Bethlehem was, the tiny city where Jesus was born. A scepter is a rod with ornaments that is the symbol of a king! What do we know about kings?" Perhaps mention that they are rulers and wear crowns. Continue, ""What if there were two kings? Would they have to divide the land and castles? Would they both be king?" Allow responses.

"We know that Jesus is the Good Shepherd. If He were the King, I wonder, what kind of King would He be?" Read the Scripture again; the answer is "Jesus, this great King!"

To conclude, ask the students, "Is there something you would like to tell Jesus about the great King He is? We can tell Jesus quietly in our heart or with our voice." Allow time for prayer.

Art Response: Draw a picture
Prayer Table: Read scripture or ask someone to read for you
Trace or copy the prayer card
Find the passage in the Holy Bible

Notice: This lesson plan utilizes training and the general philosophy/method of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program. Materials found in this document, however, have been created specifically to incorporate the theology and dogmatic teaching of the Orthodox Church. The author of this lesson offers special recognition to Mrs. JoAnne Padget, CGS Instructor, who provided instruction and guidance in the CGS method. The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program requires intensive study and strongly recommends that teachers using their program enroll in and complete coursework through an authorized CGS instructor. More information about CGS is available at


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